What we do...

Founded in 2020, EMC Insights is a minority certified energy conservation program delivery firm that focuses on program design and implementation services for large investor owned, public owned, cooperatives and municipals utilities. We help our clients capture energy saving opportunities, optimize their energy systems and usage, and guide them on business decisions regarding their energy efficiency strategy and management. EMC specializes in data backed decarbonization solutions. 

Why Choose Us...

  • Customer focused program designs that leverage best practices around the globe
  • Data driven approach to customer targeting and energy management
  • Proven savings calculation tools that leverage the best of engineering and analytical approaches
  • Expertise in onsite engineering inspections and power metering
  • Meter based NMEC measurement & verification
Core Team

Walid Guerfali


Walid Guerfali is a Director at EMC Insights and responsible for delivering data driven program solutions to utilities in the US and Canada. Walid has over 12 years of experience in the energy efficiency industry with a mechanical engineering background and strong leadership skills. Walid’s experience includes client and sub-contractor management; project and budget management; HVAC engineering design; retro-commissioning/monitoring based commissioning and prescriptive program implementation for utilities in the Midwest, Northeast and Canada.


Davis Gumbo

Lead Engineer

Davis Gumbo is a Lead Energy Engineer at EMC Insights with experience in the field conducting investment grade audits, site surveys, RCx studies and evaluating efficiency measures in the large commercial and industrial sector. Davis has evaluated commercial buildings and multi-family homes for energy code compliance through plan reviews and site visits. He has also supported various projects and bids with energy modeling, data analytics, technical reports, and energy code trainings.

Robert Jones

Robert Jones

Energy Engineer

Robert Jones is an Energy Engineer at EMC Insights with experience in the field conducting equipment installations and quality control inspections. He also has experience in conducting contractor due diligence. He is experienced in energy efficiency program outreach and field support to perform business, contractor, and project development activities for small business programs.


Ibraheem Faik

Energy Engineer

Ibraheem Faik is an Energy Engineer at EMC Insights with experience in the field conducting audits, site surveys, and evaluating efficiency measures in the commercial sector. Ibraheem specializes in TRM based savings analysis, custom engineering desk reviews and savings calculator development. He is experienced with RCx, building tune-up and SEM measures.


Jon Bandell

Energy Analyst

Jon Bandell is an Energy Analyst at EMC Insights with experience in the field conducting quality control inspections, site surveys, and evaluating efficiency measures in the commercial and industrial sectors. He also has experience in customer outreach, conducting ASHRAE Level II energy audits and helping utility customers understand the value of energy efficiency investments. He regularly assists customers in completing rebating applications and ensures an enriching experience with utility rebate offerings.

Michael Laury

Michael Laury

Energy Engineer

Michael Laury is an Energy Engineer at EMC Insights with experience in the field conducting quality assurance and quality control inspections in the small business sector. Michael specializes in contractor management, contractor training, quality control and customer satisfaction surveys.


Stephanie Sharo

Energy Analyst

Stephanie is an Energy Analyst at EMC Insights with experience in the field conducting audits, site surveys, and evaluating efficiency measures in the small business sectors. Stephanie's experience includes developing energy savings calculators, data analysis, energy modeling, and TRM research. Stephanie is a degreed sustainability professional with a concentration in energy conservation.

Kelly-headshot-1-300x300 (1)

Kelly Jennings

Office Manager

Kelly supports the operation and growth of EMC Insights in her role managing human resources and providing administrative support, ensuring that EMC Insights operates smoothly and efficiently in support of our clients. She brings a strong and complimentary background of office administration, accounting and human resources to the company.


Melissa Hartmann

Editor & Graphic Designer

Melissa brings strong editing, graphic design and communication skills to EMC Insights editing documents to ensure that all deliverables including reports and proposals meet the high editorial standards required by colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. She creates stunning visuals and infographics to make research insights invigorating and enjoyable for our clients.


Mansee Muchrikar


Mansee Muchrikar is a Consultant at EMC Insights and supports the company in marketing, administration, and developing new initiatives. Mansee is a quantitative specialist and sociologist with over ten years of experience in consumer data collection, energy consumption behavior modification, statistical analysis and experimental design.

Executive Team

Mike Frischmann


Mike Frischmann is a Partner at EMC Insights. Mike is constantly seeking continuous improvement initiatives that accelerate utility economics and deliver value to utility end-users. He has 15 years of experience in the energy industry providing expertise on technologies, programs, and policies for demand side resources. Mike’s expertise spans multiple facets of the energy efficiency industry including engineering, data collection & research design, program design & delivery, measure characterization, and data analytics.

Gogte, Salil 04232021-099-Edit-Square copy

Salil Gogte

Founder and Partner

Salil Gogte is the Founder of EMC Insights. Salil’s expertise includes a variety of energy efficiency and distributed generation services and products. He is a policy and program design consultant with over 18 years of experience advising regulators, utility executives and consumers on deploying conservation resources to offset energy generation and consumption requirements. Besides consulting, Salil is focused on developing software products that automate the measurement and verification of demand side resources and enable users to monitor energy efficiency transactions.

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